Question: why must fill in the mobile phone number at the time of registration?

Answer: because the courier need to contact the consignee when they dispatch your parcel, it cannot be shipped without your phone number.

Question: why must fill in your full name at the time of registration?

Answer: because if you choose pay via Credit Card, then all of your information must the same as your Credit Card, so that you can pay successfully.

Question: why need your zip code?

Answer: It is very important, because some city have no delivery service so your correct zip code will help you to find your parcel soon. You should go to your nearest post office to pick your goods back by yourself.

Question: how to check the order status?

Answer: Log in to your account and check your order history, and you can find your tracking number.

Question: How long can i get my parcel?

Answer: If you choose free shipping ways it need 7-14 work days, while if you paid $20 for fast shipping then need 3-5 work days. But during holiday always have 3-5 days delay.

Question: how can i check my tracking number?


Free shipping


Check on:


Check on:

Expedited Shipping

775*********(12 digits)

Check on:

8184361920(10 digits)

Check on:

1ZA****W**********(18 digits)

Check on:

Question: how to check the order status?

Answer: Log in to your account and check your order history, and you can find your tracking number.

Question: why my order canceled?


Failure reason


Invalid card number

Please type the correct card number again

The bank refused

We refuse poor credit transactions

The issuing bank refuse to deal

Please call your bank to empower this order

Do not allow the cardholder transactions

No issuer

Card not support cross-border transactions

Invalid credit card

The issuing bank or exchange center is not available

Change another card

Do not honour

Change another card

30|Format error

You input wrong words

51|Not sufficient funds

Should change another card to pay

Pending/successful deal

Our system problems

Question: when should i refuse my parcel?

Answer: if you find any defective/damaged/less/incorrect problems, please refuse to sign for it.

Question: how many days for warranty?

Answer: 30 days after you receive.

Question: If out of warranty how can i do for my faulty goods?

Answer: If belong to quality problems and no wear and tear please contact and they will help you to send you a new replacement but the faulty one should return back to our warehouse and the cost should pay by yourself.

Question: how to process the return and refund?

Answer: visit the page:

All the return package must filling this card so that can process soon for you. 

The self balancing electric scooter smart wheel / hover board / mini segway Fault diagnosis and Repair

This post may help for all kind of (hover board) electric scooter fault diagnosis.
most of the faulty issues are because of some cables inside are loose or disconnect.
It usually caused from the shaking when riding or carelessness of factory.
it will be easy to fix by yourself instead of wasting too much time for replacement.

The scooter has 3 circuit boards, one big main board and 2 co-board.

Other light indication:

6 times at once: battery problem. try to replace a new battery.
7 times at once: battery side co-board problem. try to replace the co-board.
8 times at once: power button side co-board problem. try to replace the co-board.