Original Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone Metal In-ear Headphone with Mic for iPhone Android Smartphones

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Original Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone Metal Composite Diaphragm In-ear Headphone with Mic 3.5MM Jack 1.25M Canvas Cable Music Control for Mi Phone iPhone Smartphones MP3 MP4 Computers

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Weight (kg)0.014
Package Contents1 x Earphone, 6 x Earbud Cover
CompatibilityMobile Phone, Portable Media Player, Computer
TypeHeadphone (In Ear)
Dimensions (cm)8 x 8 x 3.5

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Won Reddot Award 2015 in Germany
Metal Composite Technology for Diaphragm
Better Balance Damping System (3rd Generation)
"Spiral Pipe" sound chamber, bass performance optimization
More Professional Tuning Mode with super fine and sophisticated design
USA Knowles's microphone with small interference, low distortion and super clear call quality
Brushed aluminum and anodized, corrosion resistance and not easily fade in color
Gift packing with free 3 pairs of quality silicon earplugs
Volume control function for MIMU Phone
Come with 3 pairs of S/M/L size soft rubber earbud cover for comfortable wear
Support Xiaomi devices and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod (some functions does not work on some Androids and iOS)



Super Preis Leistung

Wow. Gerade ausgepackt und zum ersten mal angemacht. Sehr beeindruckend was so günstige Kopfhörer können. Bisher habe ich immer auf drei bis viermal so teure Sennheiser gesetzt. Diese scheinen aber noch besser zu klingen.
Die Verarbeitung scheint erstmal sehr gut. Auch die Verpackung mit Aufwickelhilfe ist sehr wertig, die geht definitiv als letztes kaputt.

Auch toll und eher selten an zu treffen, alle Tasten werden von meinem LG G3 erkannt.(laut/leise, play/Stop/Ruf Annahme)


    Excellent earbuds!

    1. Great build quality and packing. You can feel this is a quality product.
    2. Really good sound quality - very balanced.. Good highs, mids, lows and bass is just right.
    3. The case/package is also a storage system.


      Un producto espectacular

      Lo que viene haciendo la marca XIAOMI es impresionante. Un amigo mío tenía los piston 2 y yo me decidí por comprarme los piston 3. De nunca me han gustado los auriculares de botón, pero estos se adaptan genial a la oreja y están perfectamente fabricados. El cable de kevlar es lo mejor para que no se hagan nudos en en cable. Un sonido inmejorable para unos auriculares de botón.

      A lo mejor los 3 botones de subir y bajar volumen deberían estar un poco más bajos para más comodidad. Pero por lo demás, ninguno.


        Bass better, melodies are brighter

        As a fan of the Piston II's, I knew I had to try Xiaomi's newest iteration.

        These things put the Piston II's to shame, and those were my daily headphones for over a year. The sound is even clearer, bass better, melodies are brighter, voices more lifelike.

        Don't even hesitate, for $30 you won't find a better deal on earbuds anywhere.

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        Well worth it for the price! spectacular headphones!

        I recently purchased these headphones off geekbuying.com because of a sale, but I thought I'd review them here. These headphones are amazing! The case they come in is so compact and convenient, it's really nice. The headphones themselves look VERY sleek. They look nicely built and sound awesome. The controls on headphones are metal, as well as the side caps on the ear buds. It gives them that extra feeling of built-to-last! These are worth way more than 20 bucks, and if you're looking for a pair of new headphones, I HIGHLY recommend these ones. I definitely should've bought more! 10/10!

        • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

        Worth your money!! (Updated)

        Received this product today. Worked well on my OnePlus One and Sony Z Ultra (both mic and volume controls) . It might need some more burning in because the first time I used it, it sounded crappy as hell. Listened to few more songs and then it started to shine. My impressions are -
        -It's sound is on the bright side, can be harsh a little bit if on higher volume
        -It has good bass that may roll off on some tracks and can be muddy at times. There is tightness but not a lot.
        -Big sound stage. May sound "in your face".
        I initially compared this to Zero Audio Carbo Tenore and Meelectronics M-Duo. The Tenore has wider sound stage and just excellent all around signature, with great detail but not harsh and overall is very pleasing compared to the Piston 3. When compared to the M-Duo, the Piston 3's sound stage is better. M-Duo's soundstage it seems is "stunted" compared to the Piston 3. The latter's also more boomy and is better overall. - But like I said the Piston may take more hours listening before I can evaluate how good they really are.
        -Also, try to find ear tips that give you a good fit because the P3's sound will greatly depend on it. I'm now using those white tips from IEs included with cellphones in the past.
        -It doesn't fall off easily from my ears, even when tugged from below. Pull it from the side and it's a different story.
        -This will be my go-to IEs because of the mic/volume controls and has sturdier built than the Tenore's. I am pleased with my purchase and can say it is worth my money. So, 5 stars.

        • 1 out of 2 people found this review useful.

        Pistons 3.0 - new design and new sound, I like it!

        Speaking of other headphones, I put Pistons 3 against a few other giant killers, and here is how I hear it.

        - Piston 3 vs Piston 2 (modded w/o filter): P2 bass is more exaggerated and spills into lower mids, P2 mids are more recessed (v-shaped sound), and upper mids/treble sounds harsher and less organic. P2 staging is narrower.

        - Piston 3 vs KZ EDSE: KZ has a stronger mid-bass punch where the bass hump is a little more dominant and mids pushed a little more back. Upper mids/treble in KZ is brighter and a little more detailed, though a bit harsher in comparison to P3. P3 soundstage is a little wider/deeper.

        - Piston 3 vs VSD3: VSD3 has more sub-bass and faster/stronger mid-bass, slightly pushed back mids (in comparison to P3), brighter upper mids/treble. Soundstage is similar.

        - Piston 3 vs E10: E10 has a little more sub-bass, a similar presentation of mids (though P3 is smoother), and a similar tuning of the treble. E10 soundstage is a little narrower and feels more intimate.

        - Piston 3 vs KC06A: KC06A has more mid-bass punch, mids/treble are not as smooth - brighter and a bit more detailed (though less organic). Also, KC06A has less depth in soundstage.

        Overall, I think you will not be disappointed with a new version of Pistons 3.0. Personally, I didn't find P3 to be an upgrade from P2, but rather a side-grade with a whole new look/design and a different sound signature. I still value Pistons 2.0 and use them quite often when watching Netflix on my Note 4 because I like a wider soundstage and deeper bass with movies (the reason why I also continue using Dolphins to watch tv). But when it comes to listening to music, Pistons 3.0 would be my choice of preference because of their more balanced sound signature and more organic mid-forward brighter sound that is suited for any music genre (as long as you don't expect a deeper bass). When Pistons 2.0 were released - people noticed them because of the budget price, standout design, and build quality. With Pistons 3.0, Xiaomi took this winning formula to another level with a more coherent sound for everyday listening pleasure on the go.

        • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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        Original Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone Metal In-ear Headphone with Mic for iPhone Android Smartphones

        Original Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone Metal In-ear Headphone with Mic for iPhone Android Smartphones

        Original Xiaomi Piston 3 Earphone Metal Composite Diaphragm In-ear Headphone with Mic 3.5MM Jack 1.25M Canvas Cable Music Control for Mi Phone iPhone Smartphones MP3 MP4 Computers

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