Original Xiaomi Mini Speaker HiFi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Deep Bass with Hands-free Calls

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Original Xiaomi Mini Speaker, Bluetooth V4.0, Extended Playing Time, Receive Calls

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Weight (kg)0.250
Package Contents1 x Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker, 1 x USB Cable
CompatibilityiPhone, MP4, PSP, MP5, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tablet PC, PC, iPod
Dimensions (cm)7.4 x 7.4 x 5.1
Capacity (mAh)2000

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Bluetooth V4.0
Equipped with the very latest in Bluetooth technology, the Xiaomi Speaker features all the cutting edge Bluetooth capabilities such as incoming call handling.

Extended Playing Time
The rechargeable, high capacity 2000mAh polymer li-ion battery allows for an extended playing time of more than 12 hours on a single charge!

Receive Calls
When in active Bluetooth mode, the Xiaomi Speaker can be used to answer or reject incoming calls. The built-in Mic makes for a seamless, phone-quality conversation.

- New Bluetooth V4.0 + EDR Technology, long transmission distance up to 10 meters
- Built-in rechargeable battery supports up to 12 hours playback (Standard volume)
- Built-in microphone for hands free calls
- Wirelessly control your music through the Bluetooth function



Sehr angenehmer und ausgewogener Klang

Das Überraschende ist sein Klang. Denn der ist hier richtig gut. Nicht im Sinne von möglichst laut und Party-Beschallung, sondern hinsichtlich der Qualität. Fein, klar, ausgewogen, keinerlei Rauschen, keine übertriebenen Bässe, aber auch nicht zu dünn, nicht zu hell. Kurzum wirklich überraschend gut. Ideal für den Betrieb in normaler Zimmerlautstärke bzw. knapp darüber.


    Outstanding Speaker!

    I am not going to beat around the bush with this one – this is a great Bluetooth speaker, better than many others that I have tried that have cost a lot more and did not sound even close to as good as this one. Considering the cost and the sound quality, this is a phenomenal speaker.

    This is not a particularly large speaker, being roughly the size of a baseball. The images in the product description show it in fine detail so there isn’t much need to include more pictures or get into the specifics of the physical design, except to reiterate that the power on/off, volume up and volume down buttons are all on the bottom, not the top.

    When powered on the speaker broadcasts its Bluetooth ID as NDZ-03-GA and I had no difficulties at all with pairing to my phone or my laptop. My phone of choice is a Nokia Windows phone and not everything works with it, but this speaker had no trouble at all pairing and connecting. The pair and connect sequence is fast too and it takes no time at all to have it connected and streaming. I have not tried connecting to my Android devices yet though my son used it with his Android phone and also claimed it to be quick and painless.

    I queued up some music and streamed it to the speaker, initially from my phone but then switching to my laptop. Having used speakers that cost quite a bit more I had a mental picture of what I expected. I assumed I’d find sound that was good but not great and I expected a relatively short range of connectivity. Instead, this speaker outperformed my expectations on both accounts. The range is fine, working up to 20’-30’ from the source before starting to show signs of cutting out and that’s very satisfactory.


      Awesome sound!

      I was really quite delighted with the sound quality from this little speaker. For something smaller than a can of soda I wasn't expecting much in the way of good bass or clearer highs.

      I was mistaken! The sound quality on this is great. As always, the bass is the weakest, but it really is impressive for the size if the speaker.

      Pairing is a simple, basic affair. I've paired it with 4.0 and 3.0 bluetooth with no issue- running it through my tablet and phone, and also a dongle. No issues whatsoever. Calls are nice and easy, with the quality being good. Overall I would recommend this. I received mine for quality testing purposes.

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      The Mi Bluetooth Speaker is great. It's small but don't let look

      The Mi Bluetooth Speaker is great. It's small but don't let looks fool you, this speaker puts out an amazing, loud and crystal clear sound, with thumping bass. No static or fuzz. It's very easy to pair, it will work with pretty much any device, It also comes with a USB cord.

      MI speaker playback control is very interesting, it put all the buttons are hidden in the bottom of the speaker, so you can not see any buttons. But you absolutely do not need to pick it up, just tap the top, you can achieve a simple volume control, answer the phone, the one and the next song.

      While I'm jamming out to my favorite song, if a call comes in, I don't have to turn the speaker off. The music will stop and I can chat through this speaker and hear the caller loud and clear with no delays. It also has the volume and track keys, which is very convenient. The speaker is very stylish. My Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPad Air was so easy to pair with this speaker.

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      Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Little Cannon

      The Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 Little Cannon speaker is colorfull with the clear plastic ring to show the status lights, as a desktop it is a joy of simplicity. The activator buttons are on the bottom, set with very stiff action springs and click at travel.

      Pairing is the usual process, with quick discovery and pairing in the Bluetooth 4.0. The 5W speaker is clear and has some punch for the lows. It certainly has more than enough to carry a phone call to the desktop. Maintenance should be simple enough with the flat finish.

      The perfect desktop companion for the low profile office The Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Little Cannon with Bluetooth 4.0 will connect to virtually any device that is BT2.1 or later. Simple, functional, economical. Recharge the internal Lithium battery from standard USB2A with the supplied USB2A-USB2b-micro cable.

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      Original Xiaomi Mini Speaker HiFi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Deep Bass with Hands-free Calls

      Original Xiaomi Mini Speaker HiFi Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Deep Bass with Hands-free Calls

      Original Xiaomi Mini Speaker, Bluetooth V4.0, Extended Playing Time, Receive Calls

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