Original Xiaomi Mi Banda Elegante pulsera fitness Tracker para Android / iOS Teléfono

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Original Xiaomi Mi Banda Elegante pulsera para Xiaomi Mi4 M3 Miui Iphone 4s 5 5c 5s 6 6 Plus de Samsung y otro teléfono inteligente con sistema Android 4.4 anteriores inteligente fitness Wearable Rastreador Muñequera impermeable

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$ 19.99

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peso (kg)0.014
Contenido del paquete1 * Cable USB, 1 * Instrucción, 1 * Reloj
compatibilidadAndroid 4.4 y superiores, iOS 7.0 y posteriores y bluetooth 4.0 móviles
Dimensions (cm)23*3*3


Banda de goma con estilo
Ganó el iF Product Design Award 2015
Sleep-ciclo de alarma inteligente
Monitor de Fitness y rastreador de sueño
Dow Corning-Skin amigable pulsera

IOS 7.0 (o superior) puede utilizar la función de recordatorio de llamada, podómetro, monitor de sueño y de alarma (La otra función se actualizará en el futuro).
Funciones de grabación de datos deporte, monitoreo de la calidad del sueño, despertador inteligente despiertan, las llamadas de recordatorio (Necesidad situado en app).
Corto inmersión bajo temperatura y presión normales, cuando la carcasa se sumerge temporalmente en 1M aguas profundas no causará efectos nocivos (no para la natación o el buceo).
El miband puede desbloquear el teléfono Mi sin contraseña (uso sólo para teléfonos MI).
Espera unos 30 días.
Buit-en la batería recargable.
Ejecución de Android 4.4 y superiores, iOS 7.0 y posteriores y bluetooth 4.0 móviles.



Tolles, günstiges und ausreichendes Tracking-Armband

+ super günstig
+ sieht schick aus
+ ansprechende App
+ Benachrichtigungsfunktionen (in der inoffiziellen App)
+ Tracking der Schritte
+ Automatische Erkennung von Workouts
+ Sehr gute Schlafmessung

- Schrittmessung manchmal ungenau
- Umständliche Account-Erstellung

Das Band kam in einer sehr hochwertigen Verpackung an und wurde ansprechend präsentiert. Die "Elektronik", eine pillenartige silber-schwarze Kapsel in der Größe eines Fingergliedes, war in eine Pappkonstruktion eingespannt. Darunter befand sich das schwarze Armband sowie ein Ladegerät und eine Anleitung in chinesisch.
Zum erstmaligen Aufladen habe ich die Elektronik in das Ladegerät gesteckt und an meinen Laptop angeschlossen. Nach ca. 1 Stunde war das Gerät vollständig geladen. Diese Information wird - wie alles andere auch - durch 3 mehrfarbige LEDs repräsentiert.

Ich verwende ein Moto X (2014) mit Android 5.0 sowie die inoffizielle Mi Fit App, mit der Benachrichtigungen aller Apps angezeigt werden (mehr dazu später). Da die chinesische Anleitung nicht viel hergibt (zumindest ich verstehe das nicht), habe ich eine englische verwendet.


    This thing can literally save your life! Get one!

    I'm sorry I didn't order one of these sooner. I sit in from of a computer many hours a day and sadly have become quite overweight over the past few years. This simple, cheap device changed everything. I set a goal to walk 10,000 steps a day and get 7 hours sleep. Quite ambitious for me but it's been two weeks and I've stuck with the program. Together with a healthier diet, I've lost 5 kg and feel younger and more vibrant. I'm about to up my goal to 15K per day - wish me luck!
    I'm going to order one of these row each member of the family and we're going to share our results with each other online.
    Either heir a personal coach or get one of these - but start living healthier today. You'll be thankful you did very soon!

    But Xiaomi's UI is somewhat limited compared to other Fit Band apps. For example, you can't share results via WhatsApp or Gmail - only WeeChat, a popular Chinese equivalent.
    There's a 3rd part app that I haven't tried yet which is much more versatile buy I haven't tried it yet.


      A strong supply chain

      *the best price i could find for the MiBand and is always in stock on Gooplayer, Gooplayer has a strong supply chain
      *Genuine product
      *Build Quality is excellent
      *Very light, I could just put it on and forget about it.
      *Battery life seems to be as promised; still above 90% 1.5 days after full charge
      *I would recommend this product to anyone who asked.


        A continuing review

        This just arrived at my home and I will continue to post updates as I put it it through.

        First off this is my first fitness band purchase.

        Initially I downloaded the app before even putting through an order to determine if it would actually work. The Mi Band app downloaded seamlessly onto my Samsung S3.

        Upon opening the package I was greeted with a pamphlet in Chinese (was expected) the charger, band and the device itself.

        Device and band are not exactly "cute" but its a very simplistic design and light weight and not all that noticeable after a while. The device itself does have a charge but trying to figure out how much is proving a challenge. (YouTube videos help with the hand motions. I got lazy trying to translate)

        Syncing with the application was very simple. Bluetooth on, wait for it to vibrate and flash, double tap, done. Synchronized and ready to go. A nice feature is I don't need to keep the Bluetooth on if I don't want the device does sync back once on again or in proximity of the phone. (I do leave it around and it does die on me after all).

        I had just finished a work out before receiving this so had a chance to shower. Water resistant, yes. With the band on I did notice some water collection inside the band itself, photos should be attached. I'm unsure if this is because I failed to sit it in right or it just happens, will watch for it. While water resistant I don't feel comfortable letting it sit in water so I did take the device out and dry it thoroughly.

        So far I enjoy this. A nice start. Easy to use and no frills. Will post more updates as I try the various features such as proximity unlock and hand motions.



          Product has a long battery life. I have not charged it again since I received it and it's been 57days. Great measure of sleep and the steps taken. I recommend and it's at a low price.


            Great piece of kit to motivate you to exercise

            I love my Xiaomu Mi band, very easy to use. However I did have to google how to set it up as the instructions were In Chinese. Once I had downloaded the app, put in my personal information and synced the band to my IPhone I was good to go.

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            Awesome Band

            So far, so good. Quick shipping. Band worked with about 49% charge right out of the box tracking steps. Doing a full charge & will review if it truly lasts the 30 days as stated in the spec's. However for the price im impressed. Study band. Well constructed charger although it could be a little longer but that's ok considering U may not have to charge as often.

            The set up via IOS was also quick & easy. Hopefully the manufacture will add some addl features but so far I like it.

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            Best function vs cost fitness band.

            I've had this band for a month and used it daily. It still has the original 1st day charge, so the 30 day battery life is true.
            The step count is sometimes a bit generous when walking around inside. An easy fix for that is to just increase your daily goal by 5000 steps.

            The exercise tracking monitoring is very good. The band picks up the difference from walking to running and is quite accurate.
            The sleep tracking feature is accurate and keeps updated whenever a daily sync is performed.
            The cost vs function of this band is incredibly good. I'm happy with this band

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            Best Value in a Fitness Band

            If you want a great fitness tracker this is the one to get. It tracks steps, sleep and gives you a notification of incoming calls. Simple to set-up and in the month I've used it, it never once lost the Bluetooth connection with my Verizon LG G3. The battery easily lasts a month between charges. It doesn't give you a ton of data, but what it does track, it does so very well! You do not need to tell the band you are going to sleep, it must use decreased movement to start sleep tracking.
            It also has a vibrating alarm, really it has three so you set three separate alarm times.

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            Original Xiaomi Mi Banda Elegante pulsera fitness Tracker para Android / iOS Teléfono

            Original Xiaomi Mi Banda Elegante pulsera fitness Tracker para Android / iOS Teléfono

            Original Xiaomi Mi Banda Elegante pulsera para Xiaomi Mi4 M3 Miui Iphone 4s 5 5c 5s 6 6 Plus de Samsung y otro teléfono inteligente con sistema Android 4.4 anteriores inteligente fitness Wearable Rastreador Muñequera impermeable

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