Gooplayer Balancing Scooter Dos Ruedas Inteligente Auto Equilibrio Scooter eléctrico

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Gooplayer Balancing Scooter Dos Ruedas Inteligente Auto Equilibrio eléctrico Drifting Junta Vespa con luz LED

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Construido en 4400 mah gran capacidad Samsung litio - batería de polímero, permiten travle aprox 15-30km, y se tarda 45 minutos para cargar 80%.
La velocidad máxima 10 kmh, no te preocupes por la velocidad demasiado rápido.
Con los neumáticos de vacío inflable libre.
El uso de la placa madre de silencio, de la batería de Samsung importado, cáscara superficial manejo pintura, buena mano de obra y el paquete, te va a encantar.
Es como una moto, pero es más fácil de controlar la dirección de scooter.
Sólo tienes que inclinar ligeramente los pies, será capaz de controlar su dirección, los viajes de corta distancia es muy conveniente.
Tiene un cuerpo pequeño, peso ligero, de transporte es más fácil que 2 grandes ruedas de scooter equilibrio, la operación es más simple que la sola rueda vehículo eléctrico.
Es un interruptor de contacto corto y pulsación larga en el botón del interruptor va a cambiar el modo de equilibrio.


Si vespa does't en equilibrio cuando se dispara el interruptor de pie, la alarma wil zumbador y el LED de alerta se enciende, el sistema no puede entrar en condición general de auto-equilibrio. en este momento no se debe operar. Cuando el scooter entra en sate apagado, el sistema se bloqueará la máquina de forma automática, puede ser desbloqueado cuando se presiona el botón de bloqueo. Cuando la batería se ha agotado o el sistema da salida a la información con el apagarse con seguridad, por favor no continuar conduciendo la moto, de lo contrario, el scooter no puede mantener el equilibrio de la falta de batería. Más información, lea el manual del usuario, gracias!

¿Cómo usarlo?

1. Cuerpo postura de inducción: la inducción de su centro de gravedad, dirección flexible, que puede ser fácilmente manipulado;
2. La protección de exceso de velocidad: Velocidad de más de 10 km / h, la luz de encendido intermitente y alarma zumbador;
3. Indicador de batería baja: Batería inferior al 25%, indicador de alimentación se iluminará en verde en rojo;
4. Recordatorio de seguridad: batería baja, exceso de velocidad, Buzzer warnning, Sistema previenen acelera automáticamente.

Parámetros del producto:

Velocidad máxima: 10 kmh
Mayor continúe supuesto viaje: Acerca de 15-30km (dependerá del peso del conductor, y la condición de la carretera)
Máxima Gradiente admisible: 15 °
El uso de temperatura: -15-50 °
Batería Voltaje de salida: 36V
Corriente de salida de la batería: 2.2-4.4AH
Max Capacidad de Carga: 100 kg
Motor tasa de energía: 250W
CPU: CPU de doble núcleo
Tamaño del producto: 584 * 186 * 178mm
Tamaño de los neumáticos: 6.5inch
Peso del producto: 10 kg



Highly, highly, highly recommended. The most fun EVER.

Beyond my expectations. This self balancing scooter absolutely measured up to my hopes and in my opinion, the fun factor, really makes it worth it. In comparison to others i've seen, its affordable, and has great specs. Also, it runs tremendously well. Has fast speed, bright LED lights, and really good tread on the tires.
It arrived quickly and protected. No installation or set up was needed, just pulled out of the box with the charge cord and it was ready to use. I will say this, at first its a bit intimidating because of how it moves when turned off. It has two sides of course. Each side moves in a wobbly way so trying to stand on it when its not turned on is ten times harder than when turned on. Once turned on, a simple push of a button on the left side on the back near the wheel, the two sides tighten up automatically after placing one foot on so that wobble feel is gone. Now stepping onto it is much easier and feels more firm so that it wont wiggle around while getting your balance.
In the first couple tries of balancing on it, I was definitely unsteady. It took maybe 2-3 tries before I got my balance and was able to stay put. I am very certain when I say this, it is much harder just standing on it then it is to actually ride. Riding the scooter is easier than it looks. Moving and turning are done by how much pressure is put on each side.
To turn left, add more pressure to your left foot. To turn right, add more pressure to your right. To move straight forward, even weight distribution while giving a little lean forward. To move backwards, even weight while leaning back on your heels. The scooter does a super fun spin if you put a lot of pressure down onto one side and lessen the other. It actually can make very clean sharp turns so being in a tight spot is simple to get out of.
I am really impressed with the sensitivity of it, just the smallest and easiest movements are found by the scooter in order to direct where you want it to go. The functionality is awesome and it has some cool features like the lights located in the front. They are a vivid blue and while riding in daylight, can still be seen brightly. Perfect for night riding as well. The lights also blink on and off when pressure is distributed or changed like when turning, one light will blink on and off.
When trying the scooter out I went all over the place. On flat cement on a wide open parking garage roof, on the bumpy pot holed sidewalk, dirt road, and grass. Everywhere I went, the scooter worked without issue. This thing has absolutely no problem going over grass and dirt without losing speed. Nor any problems going over a bump or curb. Going over the curb next to my driveway was a piece of cake and the wheels took it like a champ whilst keeping my balance easily. There is a little hill next to my driveway, the scooter went up it, did not lose speed, piece of cake.
Like I said, I am impressed. Wheels have great tread so it has good grip where ever I use it. Top part where I put my feet has a rubber placing that has a textured top, great grip there too. It only takes a couple hours to charge it right up fully from being dead, charger is just a wall plug in. I have not been able to stay off of it as I am having entirely too much fun teaching myself new tricks. Awesome item that people of all ages would have a fantastic time playing with and riding on. So worth it and more! Everyone needs one of these scooters, Gooplayer made this one wonderfully!


    So good we bought another one 2 days later!

    I ordered mine with the delivery date from the 8th to the 28th of June. It arrived on the 7th. A DHL tracking number was supplied. The instructions and the charging cable were crap. The cable being cheaply made, and the instructions poorly translated from Chinese to English. I got the hang of it instantly. It is so easy and fun to use. I loved it so much I ordered another one in white 2 days later for my sister. It gets scratched really easily, but it hasn't affected its performance at all. I highly recommend this item to anyone. Don't spend $1800 on an ioHAWK.
    UPDATE - I was having a problem with the motors, but all you need to do is hold on the power button when it is on. This calibrates the gyroscopes. This solved my problem instantly.
    But be warned though, don't go too fast on it, or you will fall off. I fell off and it went into a river. When it fell in a river, it would make a beeping sound. 24 hours later it has stopped beeping but one of the blue lights is still on.

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    Great item! son loves it

    Great item! son loves it. very fast, really heavy. be aware! don't let children under 16 use these. potential to be very dangerous. take care when you first buy it, don't use indoors, very quick! practice on grass first or a secluded road. son (age 16) took a few days to get the hang of it but now rides it like a pro. battery lasts forever! came fully charged, used for 5 days and still haven't needed to re-charge yet, still half full. excellent product. this is from Hong Kong but was sent DHL 5 day delivery. great service thank you!


      Great Product, Highly Recommend!

      This product is great, I have had this product for nearly a week now, and I have used it all the time, it took me about 5 minutes to ride it like a pro! it is easy to ride, but when trying it for the first time it can be dangerous so hold on to something! When falling off the balance wheel at a high speed it will keep rolling meaning it get scrapped up really quick, mine looks like I have had it for a long long time! But apart from that i absolutely love this product. My balance wheel came with an unexpected carry case (I'm guessing came for free) which is really useful as this balance wheel is very heavy, meaning this carry case takes the weight off a bit! The battery life is great and lasted me about 2-3 days of usage which surprised me and it only take 2 hours to charge! Overall this product is worth buying and I highly recommend it! plus mine came in exactly 7 days from Hong Kong which is the best part as you only pay for standard delivery!

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      Tolle Sache, die richtig Spass macht

      Ich habe zunächst gar nicht gewusst, dass das Gerät aus China geliefert wird und war dann natürlich n Sorge, dass ich es vom Zoll abholen darf. Aber nein, es kam direkt zur Arbeitsstelle meiner Frau, ohne Umweg über den Zoll und in einer wirklich annehmbaren Zeit.
      Habe es gleich abends ausgepackt und draufgestellt, ohne Motor. Das war ziemlich wackelig und ich bekam doch etwas Bedenken, ob ich das mit meinen 62 Jahren hin bekomme. Also habe ich es erstmal ans Netz zum Laden angeschlossen, war aber erstaunt, dass es nach 2 Minuten schon geladen war.
      Da blieb dann keine andere Wahl, Motor ein, das Gerät zwischen die Türpfosten im Flur und dann vorsichtig los, immer links und rechts im Flur abgestützt. Wir haben glücklicherweise Laminat in der Wohnung, da geht so etwas. Unser Flur ist auch ziemlich lang und nicht so breit, so dass es mit dem Abstützen ganz gut ging. Nachdem ich die ca. 5 Meter 2 mal hin-und hergefahren bin, habe ich mich nicht mehr abgestützt, ging zwar noch nicht schnell aber es ging, sogar das Lenken und das Drehen. Später hat mich meine Frau gesehen und gemeint, es sieht aus, als hätte ich nie etwas anderes gemacht.
      Mittlerweile geht es auch draussen. Ist natürlich etwas anderes über hoppeligen Boden als im Flur. Aber es macht riesigen Spass, ist wirklich gut für das Gleichgewicht und eine gerade Körperhaltung und ich habe gerade zu Beginn, oder auch jetzt, wenn ich länger fahre, Muskeln gespürt, von denen ich nie gedacht hätte, dass die dabei beansprucht werden. Selbst der Bauchumfang hat nachgelassen, obwohl ich gerne auch das eine oder andere Bierchen trinke.
      Das Laden geht problemlos, dauert ca 2,5 Stunden und dann kann man schon eine ganze Weile mit dem Teil umherdüsen. Draussen sind Knie- und Ärmelschoner schon angesagt. Ich bin bisher nur einmal gestürzt und das ging ganz glimpflich ab.
      Aufgrund der kleinen Räder ist es tatsächlich nicht angebracht über Stock und Stein zu fahren, das geht auch nur mit Schwung und endet wahrscheinlich auf der Nase. Aber über geteerte oder relativ glatte Wege, da macht es Spass und man kriegt auch richtig Geschwindigkeit drauf.
      Ich würde das Gerät in jedem Fall weiter empfehlen, es macht wirklich Spass und ist auch noch gut für den Körper. Wenn ich draufstehe, möchte ich am liebsten gar nicht mehr runter.
      Wichtig ist wirklich die gerade Haltung, nicht nur den Oberkörper nach vorne beugen, das bringt nicht viel und man verkrampft eher. Man kann richtig rasante Dinge machen, wie um 180 Grad drehen oder auch Pirouetten. Dazu ist es allerdings nicht gemacht und wird wohl auch nicht so empfohlen aber ab und an geht das schon :-)

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      This thing is pretty interesting! My in depth experience!

      So I ordered mine from a company called "moonet"....I ordered it in black.

      It arrived in great condition and I was very pleased with that.
      right out of the box it comes with what appears to be a charged battery.
      This is one aspect that I would personally change and that is that the battery doesnt have a changing indicator.
      when its giving out it will just abruptly change colors to red, with no indication.

      Not such a huge deal though.

      Also one thing I didnt like was that it did not come with the carrying bag as stated.

      So in the box came the board a charger and a manual.
      Just the basics.

      Getting on it it for the first time is EXTREMELY awkward and weird to get the hang of.

      Its tough to get used to the concept of having something else balance you for you,,,so expect lots of wobbly-ness.
      And thats another thing...even getting on the board itself is tough lol its all good fun though trying to figure it out.

      I would say it took me about 5 mins before i felt relatively comfortable.
      But once i did it was great!

      This thing is super cool....I practiced inside and then took it outside for a spin.
      Lots of people lookin and thinking its cool and lots of questions.

      I even took it into the supermarket and rode around modestly and no store officials hassled me at all.
      Just people looking very interested.

      Battery went red on me after about 30 mins of using it but keep in mind i rode it right out of the box and also to its credit it continued to operate long after the initial red light.

      So that was pretty cool to know.
      I have been seeing alot of people reporting issues with their device but so far so good.
      I will definitely update my review if anything changes.

      Feel free to ask any questions you may have I will be as responive as possible.


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        Gooplayer Balancing Scooter Dos Ruedas Inteligente Auto Equilibrio Scooter eléctrico

        Gooplayer Balancing Scooter Dos Ruedas Inteligente Auto Equilibrio Scooter eléctrico

        Gooplayer Balancing Scooter Dos Ruedas Inteligente Auto Equilibrio eléctrico Drifting Junta Vespa con luz LED

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