Gooplayer 10 calowy Własna Balans skuter elektryczny skuter dwa koła Inteligentny

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Gooplayer 10 calowy Własna Balans elektryczny skuter Dwa Koła Inteligentne drifting Scooter na szybkie i trwałe równoważenia

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Opony naturalnej gumy odpornej na ścieranie, specjalna antypoślizgowa struktura.
Idealne do codziennego użytku.
Zastąpić tradycyjne samochody, przynieść więcej wygody w swoim życiu i biznesie.
Regulacja Gravity organizmu, może się porusza. Łatwe dla początkujących.
Ładowarka, romote Controller, Instrukcja obsługi, Karta gwarancyjna
Opony naturalnej gumy odpornej na ścieranie, specjalna antypoślizgowa struktura.
Diody LED informują o poziomie naładowania baterii.
Inteligentne podnóżek wbudowany przycisk aur, łatwy do kontrolowania przez postawy ciała.
Noc światła oświetlenie LED do stosowania w ciemności.
Port ładowania, przycisk ON / OFF bezpieczne ładowanie, stabilne funkcji.


Napięcie silnika: 36V
Czas ładowania: 45-120Mins
Rozmiar opon: 10 "(opony dmuchane, mogą podróżować 20000 kilometrów) silnik bezszczotkowy piasty z 700W
Bateria: 160WH
Żywotność baterii: 20km (baterii: 160wh)
Zdolność wspinaczki: 15 stopni
Układ hamulcowy: Układ sterujący ST
Ładowanie Napięcie: AC 180V 50-60Hz lub 240V 50-60Hz-: AC85-160V
Główny materiał: PC, ABS
Prędkość: 10-16km / h (alertu po przekroczeniu 14km / h)
Maksymalne obciążenie: 130kgs
Ochrona bezpieczeństwa: TAK
Niska ochrona zasilania: TAK
Ochrona Ograniczenie prędkości: 16 kilometry na godzinę
Rozmiar produktu (w): 27,2 * 11 * 11 (L * W * H)
Wymiary produktu (mm): 660 * 270 ** 11 (L * W * H)
Opakowanie (w): 29,5 * 13,3 * 13.35
Masa netto (lb): 33
Waga netto (kg): 13,5
Masa całkowita (lb): 39,7

Pakiet zawiera:

1x 10-calowy Własna Balans elektryczny skuter
1x Adapter ładowania
1x Instrukcja obsługi



This is pretty amazing, very fun!

This is one of the most fun toys I have used in a long time. My brother and boyfriend were just as excited to use it as I was. My boyfriend says he feels like Dr. X when he glides around on it. It initially took some practice but after 10 mins or so when you get the feel of it you relax a little and allow your body to lean forward and the board responds well to subtle body language. Some people adapt much quicker, my guy is a skateboarder and he took to it almost instantly. It took me longer and he had to walk by me so I could hold onto him for balance until I felt confident to glide around without assistance. Even my mom tried but I would recommend walking with new riders to offer assistance if they need to hold your arm or hand for balance until they get the feel. I didn't have any trouble getting off, getting on it sometimes starts to circle before I get my feet situated how I want them. Going in circles is fun, you feel like a figure skater. It is a blast to ride this thing, it feels responsive and futuristic. I love that it only takes about an hour to charge. It has blue lights on one side which work well as a headlight so you can ride in the dark.
My brother and boyfriend each have those electric skateboards with the handheld power controls, one is gas powered and one runs on electric charge. They both said this self-balancing scooter is MUCH easir to use and takes a lot less practice to ride. Also their boards don't turn on a dime like this one and are much less intuitive.
I don't have any negatives at this time, I will update my review if I do. I do wish the scooter board came with some sort of carrying case with a shoulder sling or backpack straps.


    This product Is AMAZING and I love it

    This product Is AMAZING and I love it. There are a few things that you should know if you are going to get one though. You should get one with the leather strips on it, because the day I got it I fell off, didn't get hurt though, and the top got all scratched up. The other major issue, is the battery life is not as great as Id hoped for, but still decent. I can get to classes and between classes and back to my car fine, but if i take too many joy rides between classes, then it gets to red battery life before the days end.


      Impressive battery life and solid construction

      I bought it for my younger sister and she loves it! We've had it for 3 weeks and no problems whats so ever. The whole family rides it seamlessly. Highly recommend. Thanks Gooscooter!



        Mine arrived this afternoon, and at age 77 I mastered it in an hour with no falls! I used two lightweight walking sticks for the first two 10-minute sessions. Getting on is easy: turn it on, wait for a moment for the electronics to stabilize, put one foot firmly on one pad. The unit will lock, making it easy to step up with the other foot. Getting off is the reverse: stop, take the weight off of one side and the unit will lock, then step down. Easy and natural, but if you try to manage the process it can become difficult or even risky.

        Control is somewhat counterintuitive - a learning obstacle. You do not move forward by leaning forward, nor do you stop by leaning back. It's all in the ankles. Toes down (watch it! - this thing can take off) to go forward, heels down to slow and stop. So far, that's ok. But to turn LEFT, the right toe goes down and/or the left heel goes down. The reverse is true for a right turn. That takes some practice, but once you achieve comfort and all the synapses are adapted to this thing, you can achieve incredible maneuverability - even do a spin in one place!

        I disassembled mine and another no-brand unit from another reseller, and found them to be identical right down to the packaging and internal wiring, though the wheel patterns differed (mine looks like the Mercedes logo, the other one had a small star in the center). There may be only two manufacturers (I've seen 8" and 10" wheels), but some 8" units are labeled with the names of volume importers/labelers such as IO Hawk, PhunkeyDuck, Monorover, etc. The batteries are evidently high quality Samsung (label could be fake, I suppose), each motor looks like it could drive an electric bike, and the 8" wheels may be from a variety of suppliers identifiable by the "hubcap" patterns but otherwise built to the same spec. The outer shell is molded plastic, apparently painted though I have not yet scratched mine. Everything fits and seems robust.

        HOWEVER, I have seen reviews indicating potential breakage, often at the center. To reduce that risk, learn to ride with your feet close to the wheels. Not only will you achieve better control and stability, you will put (far) less stress on that critical center bearing.

        Promotions indicate that some of the more costly units include a wireless (Bluetooth?) remote that controls the unit and might permit calibration of some sort. The remote is listed as "optional" in my instructions, but there is no mechanism provided for ordering it. For now, I see no reason to have one. The instructions are reasonably complete, though written in Englese, or maybe Chinglish. What does it cost to have an English-as-a-first-language editor proofread such documents?

        By the way, there is no gyro (either spinning or electronic) and no need for one. In fact, I don't think there is one in the Segway, though a gyro is mentioned in at least one of the early patents. My unit uses simple switches to detect angular differences between the two footrests - think of a micropendulum. The switches sense any deviations created by foot pressures, and electronically generate balancing or movement signals to the motor(s).

        In a few days I must attend a trade show, and will use this six mile (hopefully) device to make that convention floor a bit more tolerable for these old knees...

        Overall, I am very satisfied. I recommend walking sticks while training, especially if you don't don a helmet and pads. My sticks are carbon fiber Goodwill golf clubs with the head cut off and a rubber faucet washer epoxied to the bottom. With the head removed, the shaft with handle weighs almost nothing, yet is strong enough to assist in the microsegway learning process. They're useful for the first 10 minutes, and probably saved me some bruises.

        One of these days I will order the remote control, the turbocharger kit, and the levitation accessory.

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        Gooplayer 10 calowy Własna Balans skuter elektryczny skuter dwa koła Inteligentny

        Gooplayer 10 calowy Własna Balans skuter elektryczny skuter dwa koła Inteligentny

        Gooplayer 10 calowy Własna Balans elektryczny skuter Dwa Koła Inteligentne drifting Scooter na szybkie i trwałe równoważenia

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